e-Business Solutions

We provides comprehensive web-based solutions with a solid history of collaborative client partnerships. We utilize a wide array of development tools, our own libraries and years of experience for our clients benefits.

VIPSha's expertise lies in the following areas:

Custom Application Development

Off-the-shelf application packages don't provide a perfect fit for everyone. Particular clients will have particular requirements, such as re-architecting existing applications or migrating legacy applications into a web environment, and a customized application solution will be best suited to meet their individual needs. For Example, we developed payment gateway to process millions of dollar payment using Moneries and developed custom interface to provide payment log to existing application in a very responsive manner. Helped companies to modify Pick, Pack and Ship process - PeopleSoft Process in a manner which is very effective and very easy to upgrade.

Package Implementation

Why re-invent the wheel when a packaged solution can solve the problem? We helps customer to find the best software packages in the industry to suit their specific business needs. By providing research, selection, implementation, and customization services, we are able to offer the full range of B2C, B2B, and B2E solutions. Package implementation services involve the implementation of packaged Internet software such as PeopleSoft, Payment Gateways, etc.