Database Design

VIPSha Database Design Expert provides Database Design Solutions, SQL Tuning, Data Validation, Database Optimization, data migration and conversion. VIPSha provides Database Solutions to numerous customers. We are Database Design Experts and our Database Design Solutions will help your business to grow faster. Rather than talking what we can do, let us give an example of what we did.

At Bausch, Accenture implemented PeopleSoft ERP System. Due to few issues, Database was growing like anything - more than 300 GB (More than 300 GB and not MB). One of our Team member was hired by Bausch to make sure that Database doesn't grow more than 300 GB having 1000s of table and millions of records. Just within a short period of time, our team member identified issues and also suggested to take care of wrong indexes - wrong index on a wrong table which was taking too much space. We just don't claim expertise, we have already proved our expertise.

Important Information for Good Database Design:

Application needs to become user-friendly and agile to fulfill its potential and right Database design plays a very important role. VIPSha develops solutions which can be scalable very easily and can be integrated very easily with other applications / system. We identify and address root causes when solving problems. We work collaboratively with other departments and functional teams to develop effective solutions. If you have an existing database-based system and having performance issues, feel free to get in touch with us. We can find issues and suggest solutions to boost performance of database.

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