ASP.NET Web Development

VIPSha Developed numerous projects using .NET technologies like safer world for kids - to safer worlds for lenders to manage mobile assets - to collect millions of dollar payment online. Executed many different kind of projects for different kind of industries. We allow companies to hire .net architect, hire .net programmers along with Project Management services.

VIPSha worked with numerous companies - From Health Care to Technology to manage their IT requirements.

VIPSha believes in providing highest transparency so customer can get maximum return out of their investment.

VIPSha worked with a NASDAQ listed Company for mobile asset management. Using device, one can do:

Above project is just an excellent example of our .net development services. VIPSha helped vehicle tracking company to develop a product which will help kids for safer InterNet usage. Once the product is downloaded on any computer, all the browser will be disabled and kids will be using INterNet based on wish list set up by parents. Kids will be visiting sites which are approved by parents and sends email which are approved by parents too. Amazing tool and very important in a rapidly changing world.

VIPSha is working on multi Million $ project of a Dental Company having over 4,000 doctors, assistants, managers & staff. VIPSha's developed secured online payment processing system along with lot of other functionality like buying a dental insurance on-line, etc.. VIPSha's primary job is to secure online payment process where company is collecting millions of dollars.

Our professional .NET developers are very well experienced and executed many projects under Agile Development Practices. We are sure that our .NET Developers will meet or beat your expectations. During Development process, our .NET Developer will be very tightly connected with your Team and deliver with in budget before time. They can also use our code libraries to reduce development time substantially.